The Permanent Building Construction Committee (PBCC) traces its authority to Article XVII of the Town By-Laws which states in part: "Subject to authorization by Town Meeting, the Committee shall have charge of construction, additions, and major renovations of all municipal buildings with authority to enter into contracts and make expenditures."

The Committee is an instrument of Town Meeting, who assigns projects to the Committee typically through the warrant article that says: "... and further be it voted that the PBCC manage said project."

The PBCC reports officially back to Town Meeting through Article 2 (Reports of town committees) of the annual town meeting.  However, in addition, the PBCC sends monthly reports on the finances and status of all active projects to the Board of Selectmen, Finance Commission and the department for which the project is being constructed.  The PBCC is the awarding authority for contracts with the Architect and the General Contractor, and in case of projects costing over $1.5 million, an Owners Project Manager.  The PBCC approves all contracts and contract change orders and authorizes approving payments to all contractors

The Permanent Building Construction Committee (PBCC) is charged with overseeing the design and construction of major municipal building projects for the Town of Norwood, including significant maintenance and repair projects on existing public buildings.  Projects are assigned to the PBCC by Town Meeting vote or by vote of the Selectmen. 

The members of the PBCC are appointed by an Appointing Authority consisting of the Chair of the Board of Selectmen, the Chair of the School Committee, and the Town Moderator.  Members serve for three years and may be reappointed as many times as the Appointing Authority chooses.

Current projects for the PBCC include:

St. Gabriel Chapel Exterior
Feasibility Study of the St. Gabriel the Archangel Chapel at Highland Cemetery

Hawes Brook Pool Bathhouse1
Hawes Brook Pool Bath House Rendering (to be completed May 2017)