Historical House Sign Program

The Norwood Historical Commission is pleased to announce its Historical House Sign Program for Norwood residents who have homes older than 75 years. After viewing signs in other communities, the Commission unanimously decided on a design that has black lettering and border on a white background and includes the Town Seal in color.

There are two sizes:
One with the street name and number that is 12" by 20" for $300


A smaller one with the street number only that is 10" x 16" for $265.


Each sign is carved, is made of durable material that will not fade or rot and has enamel paint that will last for years.

Models of the signs can be viewed at
Sign Language Signs
Antique Row
61 Endicott Street, Building #25, Norwood

Residents interested in participating in the Historical House Sign Program can download the Historical House Application.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please call either Caroline Pannes at 781-769-0324 or Judith Howard at 781-762-4864 or email: historicalcommission@norwoodma.gov