Working in the Buffer Zone

How do I Work in the Buffer Zone?
In the buffer zone of the Resource Area the landowner has an option of filing a "Request for Determination" in order to demonstrate that through engineering and operational safeguards the work will not alter a Resource Area. However if it does, a full hearing and the filing of a Notice of Intent are then necessary.

Wetlands are an essential component of our ecosystem. They provide vital natural storage areas which act to reduce flood flows, help recharge our groundwater and aquifer, filter sediments and pollutants such as phosphates and nitrates from drainage runoff, and are a habitat themselves rich in wildlife and vegetation. As responsible citizens we must be aware of wetland areas and implement whatever protective measures necessary to preserve and protect them. When purchasing or developing land, it is important to be knowledgeable of all legal wetland boundaries.

To obtain the most accurate information regarding local wetland areas and the Wetland or River's Protection Act please contact the Town of Norwood's Conservation Commission.

For more information please contact: Holly Jones, Conservation Agent at: 781-384-9317.