Accounting Department


Norwood Town Hall
566 Washington Street, 2nd Floor, Norwood, MA 02062

Thomas J. McQuaid, CPA - Director of Finance and Accounting
Molly Ahearn – Assistant Town Accountant, x6007
Linda Clarkin – Senior Account Clerk, x6008
Emily Chambers – Budget Analyst, x6009

Effective July 1, 2018 the Town of Norwood separated the functions of Town Clerk and Town Accountant. The Board of Selectmen appointed Thomas J. McQuaid, CPA as Town Accountant through June 30, 2021.  Additionally, as part of the reorganization, the General Manager appointed Mr. McQuaid to the position of Director of Finance for the Town of Norwood for the same period of time. This reorganization helps to vertically integrate the Treasurer /Collector with the Finance team.

Mr. McQuaid as Director of Finance and Accounting assists the General Manager in strategic financial planning, annual budgeting and projections. Tom attended St. Catherine’s School and graduated from Norwood High School prior to earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance from Babson College. Tom went on to obtain his Master’s in Business Administration from Babson and Master’s in Taxation from Bentley University. Prior to serving in municipal government, Tom gained over 30 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer in construction and non-profit biomedical research. Tom was elected three times to the Norwood Finance Commission and served two terms on the Norwood Board of Selectmen. In addition to his duties as Director of Finance and Accounting, Tom serves on the Board of Directors of the Norwood Retirement System and as Clerk to the Norwood Finance Commission.

Prior to the reorganization of the position of Town Clerk & Accountant there were only five office holders:

Thomas J. McQuaid, CPA 2015 - 2018
Robert M. Thornton, CPA 1979 - 2015
Bartley W. Connelly 1957 - 1978
Walter A. Blasenek 1940 - 1957
James E. Pendergast 1916 - 1939

 The Accounting Department is responsible for the record keeping of all financial transactions of the Town. The Department processes all invoices, warrants, receipts, payroll, journal entries and ledgers. All invoices and payrolls are examined to determine that the charges are correct, that all materials have been received or services rendered, and funds have been appropriated and are available prior to payment.

The Assistant Town Accountant, Linda Laridis and her staff work closely with external auditors to assist them with both the annual financial audit and the federal single audit.

The main goal of the accounting staff is to protect the assets of the taxpayers and to that end they ensure the accuracy, completeness and relevancy of each expense.

The Town Accountant is the custodian of all contracts; preparer of financial, statistical and operational reports for local, state and federal purposes. He works closely with the Treasurer/Collector on relations with bond-rating agencies, issuance of bonds and reconciliation of receivables and cash.  Additionally the Town Accountant works with the Assessor to prepare the annual Tax Recap which ensures a balanced budget and sets the annual real estate tax rate.

In addition to his duties as the Town Accountant, by law he serves on the Norwood Retirement Board.  The Town Accountant serves as the Clerk to the Finance Committee whose main mission is the preparation and monitoring of the annual budget.