Swim Lesson Level Description

*Before registering for any swim lessons, please be sure to read the swim lesson description carefully to help you place your child properly into a program. ONLY the same level can be taken per summer* 

Pre School: (Typically ages 3-5): Preschool Swim Lessons serve as an introduction to water safety. Children will learn how to keep themselves safe around bodies of water; waiting for adults, slowly entering water, different water depths, etc. The Pre-School Level focuses mainly on introducing children to the water and empowering them to feel comfortable while learning skills with an instructor.

Level 1: Involves an introductory course that focuses on enabling children to be confident and safe when in the water. This level is the stepping stone for future American Red Cross Swim Levels. In this level children will have instructors assist them towards gaining independent swim skills, along with life saving floats (back floats, front floats). Passing Level 1 is a requirement before moving on to higher level lessons. The mastery of life saving floats are required to exit Level 1 Swim Lessons.

Level 2: Focuses heavily on the fundamental skills of swimming. Instructors assist children in forming techniques and skills that strengthen their swimming abilities, while relying heavily on water safety. Freestyle and backstroke are the main focal points of this level. In Level 2 children swim the width of the pool independently.

Level 3: Enable’s children to increase their endurance in the water. Children will work on perfecting their techniques in order to allow them to build on their endurance whilst improving their skills. Breaststroke and Butterfly are introduced more frequently in this level.

Level 4: Allows for children to continue to work on improving their stroke(s) while gaining continued endurance. In this level children will also begin to add additional aquatic skills, such as diving.

Level 5: Begins to zone in on perfecting techniques for individual strokes. By focusing heavily on technique children become enabled to be more efficient swimmers. While adding in additional techniques children will be able to increase the yardage they are able to swim.

Level 6: Tying together all of the skills and techniques learned in previous lessons. Children begin to cover greater distances and incorporate timed swims during their lesson time. The ultimate goal of Level 6 is to have children swimming with ease throughout long distance swims. The mastery of Level 6 Swim Lessons is a requirement for those looking to become Lifeguards or Water Safety Instructors.

The Learn-to-Swim program is divided into six course levels. Participants must successfully demonstrate each skill in order to complete each
level. You may only register for one level each summer before 5/31. If you pass the level, you may continue in the same level to practice your skills, should room permit. You must stay in one level per summer season.