Swim Lesson Level Description

*Before registering for any swim lessons please be sure to read the swim lesson description carefully to help you place your child Properly into a program.  *

Pre School (Ages 3-5): Preschool levels provide children with the opportunity to learn about water safety and serves as an introduction to swim lessons. Children will learn how to keep themselves safe around water, as well as learn beginning skills to help them take steps towards swimming independently.

Level 1 (Starting Age 6): Children will learn how to feel confident and safe when entering the water. This level will focus on helping children to be comfortable in the water while working towards independent swimming. ** All levels higher than Level 1 (2 and above) require complete independence when swimming. In order to be eligible for a level 2 class or higher children must have successfully completed and passed an American Red Cross certified level 1 class.

Level 2: In level 2, Children will learn the fundamentals of swimming. Children will back float, front float and swim widths of the pool independently. In this level new strokes and techniques will be introduced. The primary strokes (front crawl and backstroke) and rotary breathing will be mastered in this level.

Level 3: Focuses on stroke development, as well as endurance. Children will swim the length of the pool while working on techniques that enable them to swim more efficiently. Skills for front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke will all be introduced. A primary focus in this level is learning the different kicks that accompany the different strokes.

Level 4: In this level children will fully learn all of the strokes while working on gaining the ability to efficiently swim 50 yards of each stroke. Techniques and other swimming skills will be the main focus of this level with added attention on building each child’s endurance.

Level 5: Additional guidance and support will be provided to continue to help children become more efficient swimmers. Swimmers will be able to swim 25 yards of each stroke continuously.