Field Guidelines

In order to keep our children and parks safe,
we ask that everyone visiting a Norwood park or field follow these guidelines:

TRASH: Pick up trash and dispose of properly.  Trash attracts bees and wild animals.  Trash is picked up regularly.  If barrels are full, please remove your trash from the site.  Some school sites do not have barrels due to the number of allergies to bees.

PARKING:  Park in designated areas.  If parking on the street is necessary, park in a manner that will allow emergency vehicles to access the fields and neighboring homes.  Parking in crosswalks and in front of fire hydrants is illegal and unsafe.  Be considerate of the neighbors, leaving enough room for access to driveways and do not park on their lawns.

DOG ORDINANCE: In order to keep our parks clean and enjoyable for all, please remember if you are a dog owner, please keep your dog on a leash and clean up after your pet. Please check park specific postings.