Contracts Awarded

Contracts recently awarded:

Ambulance Billing and Collection Services, Contract ID NFD-23-03

Sunset Avenue Slope Stabilization, Contract ID NGM-23-01

Annual Road Resurfacing, Contract ID NPW-22-09

Water Meter Maintenance & Repairs, Contract ID NPW-22-07

Removal of Traphole Brook Dam - RE-BID, Contract ID NGM-22-04

Provide & Install Replacement Underground Cables for Station 495 Feeder, Contract ID NLD-22-05

Sale of Forbes Hill Property, Contract ID NGM-22-03

Roadway Cracksealing, Contract ID NPW-22-03

Highland Cemetery Office Roof Replacement, Contract ID NPW-22-04

Tree Trimming FY22, Contract ID NLD-22-04
Primary Contractor Award & Secondary Contractor Award

Airport Cracksealing, Contract ID NAC-22-01

Pool Feasibility Study, Contract ID NRD-21-05

Installation of Traffic Signals - Short & Washington Streets - NPW-22-01

Improvements to Substation 495 - General Contractor - NLD-22-01

Feasibility Study - HS Track & Field NSD-21-07

Construct Taxiway D - Norwood Memorial Airport NAC-21-01

Pavement Markings, Contract ID NPW-21-07

Public Safety Elevator Upgrade, Contract ID NFD-21-02

Shared Services Coordinator, Contract ID BOH-21-01

Floor Tile Installation at the Oldham School, Contract ID NSD-21-06

Asbestos Removal at the Oldham School, Contract ID NSD-21-04

Water Main Cleaning & Lining Ellis Ave & Lane Drive, Contract ID NPW-21-05

FY22 Annual Road Resurfacing, Contract ID NPW-21-06

Cracksealing Futsal & Basketball Courts, Contract ID NRD-21-04

Classification & Compensation Study, Contract ID NGM-21-04

Utility Billing Software, Contract ID NLD-21-04

Upgrades to the Norwood Civic Elevator Contract NRD-21-01

Repairs to the Norwood Town Hall Carillon Contract NGM-21-01

Norwood Light Dept. Bldg Roofing Replacement Contract #NLD-21-02

Pavement Markings Contract NPW-21-02

Water Main Replacement at Sumner and Union Streets Contract #NPW-21-01

Athletic Trainer Services for Norwood Public Schools - Contract #NSD-21-01

Data Processing, Printing & Mailing Services for electric & water billing for the Norwood Light Dept. Contract #NLD-20-02

Marsh Master with Accessories Contract #NAC-20-01

Reconstruction of Municipal Parking Lots Contract #NPW-20-07

Roadway Cracksealing Contract #NPW-20-06

Bridge Rehabilitation - Dean Street Contract #NPW-20-03

Annual Road Resurfacing Contract #NPW-20-04

Installation of Tennis Court Lights Contract #NRD-20-07

Electrical Services for all Norwood Municipal and School Buildings Contract #NGM-20-05

Highland Cemetery Garage Roof Replacement Contract #NPW-20-02

Broadband Fiber & Cable Installations Contract #NLD-20-01

Lease of 190 Central Street Contract #NGM-20-04

Lease of 171 Nahatan Street Contract #NGM-20-03

Providing a Route One Corridor Study Contract #NGM-20-02

Town Hall Elevator Upgrade Contract #NGM-20-01

Ambulance Billing Services Contract #NFD-20-01

Replacement of bleachers at Norwood Civic Center Contract #NRD-20-01

Substation & Transmission Electrical Construction Contract #NLD-19-07

Cleaning & Lining of Water Main @ Prospect, Fulton, Nahatan Contract #NPW-19-06

Norwood Airport's SRE Building security systems Contract #NAC-19-06

Furnish & Installing Gateway Sign for Vanderbilt Business Park #NGM-19-02

Pavement Markings Contract #NPW-19-08

Lease of Airport Land to Build an Airport Hangar Contract #NAC-19-04

Engineering Consultant Services for Airport Contract #NAC-19-03

Provide Operation and Management for the Norwood Public Schools Food Service Contract #NSD-19-02

Sanding & Refinishing of the Gym Floor at the Civic Center Contract #NRD-19-03

Substation 495 Relay and Control Panels Contract #NLD-19-06

Installation of a new interior vestibule at the Norwood Public Safety Building Contract #NPD-19-01

Sale of Forbes Hill Estate Contract #NGM-19-01

Annual Road Resurfacing Contract #NPW-19-05

Broadband Residential Installations Contract #NLD-19-05

Norwood Public Schools Bus Transportation Contract#NSD-19-01

Norwood Airport SRE Fit Out Contract #NAC-19-02

Norwood Morrill Memorial Library Chiller Replacement Contract NLIB-19-01

Metal Windows for the Light Dept Building at Access Road Contract #NLD-19-04

Lease of One Bay at the Two-Bay COA Garage Contract #NCOA-19-01

Norwood Light Dept Facility at 136 Access Road Contract #NLD-19-03

Savage Center Basketball Courts Contract #NRD-19-01

Water Main Replacement - Access Road & Coakley Middle School #NPW-19-04

Norwood Memorial Airport Re-alignment of Taxiway A & Re-location of Taxiway D #NAC-18-01

Sewer Rehabilitation of Area 5 Contract #NPW-19-03

Cleaning & Lining of Cottage, Vernon & Wheelock #NPW-18-08

Chapel of St. Gabriel's Lantern Restoration #PBC-19-02

Chapel of St. Gabriel's Masonry Restoration #PBC-19-01

Roadway Crack sealing #NPW-19-02

Cemetery Stone Seal Contract #NPW-19-01

Annual Road Resurfacing Contract #NPW-18-07

Pavement Markings Contract #NPW-18-06

HVAC Server Room Re Bid Contract #NGM-18-07

Water Tank Mixing System #NPW-18-05

Restoration of Windows at St. Gabriel's Chapel Contract #PBC-18-05
was awarded to Azer Stained Glass

HVAC Server Room #NGM-18-03 - All bids rejected

Lease of Space for Installation of Wireless Telecommunications Contract #NGM-18-02

Replacement of the HVAC at the Norwood Morrill Memorial Library Contract #NLIB-18-01

Power Line Tree Trimming Contract #NLD-18-03

Reassessment Program of Real Property for FY 2019 Contract #NGM-18-05

St. Gabriel's Chapel Construction Contract #PBC-18-04 - All bids rejected.

Civic Center Men's Shower Room Renovation Contract #NRD-18-03

Used Roadway Snow blower Contract #NPW-18-04

Pre-engineered Steel 2-Bay Garage Contract #NCOA-18-02

Design Services for Town Hall Renovations Contract #PBC-18-03
Awarded to McGinley, Kalsow & Associates

Voting Machine Tabulators #TCA-18-01

Owner's Project Manager for the Renovations to the Norwood Light Department Facility
Contract #NLD-18-01 has been awarded to Compass Project Management, Inc.

Owner's Project Manager for the Interior Renovations of the Norwood Town Hall
Contract #PBC-18-02 has been awarded to Vertex.

Owner's Project Manager for the Restoration of the Chapel of St. Gabriel
Contract #PBC-18-01 has been awarded to RGB Architects.

Installation of Ceiling Tiles at the Civic Center #NRD-18-02

Construction of New 2 Bay Garage at Senior Center #NCOA-18-01
Bids were rejected

Masonry Stair Repairs at the Norwood Civic Center Contract #NRD-18-01

Roadway Crack sealing Contract #NPW-18-03

Single Stone Sealing at the Highland Cemetery #NPW-18-02

Pavement Markings - Contract #NPW-18-01

Routine & Emergency Electrical needs for All Municipal & School Bldgs Contract #NGM-17-01

Routine & Emergency Plumbing needs for All Municipal & School Bldgs Year 2 Contract #NGM-16-02