Water and Sewer Rates

Effective October 1, 2021

Water Minimum Charge* $6.87
  Usage Charges:  
    0-5 ccf $3.89 per ccf
    Balance $7.49 per ccf
Sewer Based on 60% of Water Usage   
  Usage Charges:  
    0-3 ccf $9.84 ccf
    Balance $18.98 ccf

*for a 5/8” or 3/4” meter – see reverse for other sizes.
NOTE: ccf = 100 cubic feet = approximately 750 gallons = one billing unit. Thus, 10 ccf = 1,000 cubic feet = approximately 7,500 gallons. All meter readings and usage data shown on individual water/sewer bills are expressed in units of 100 cubic feet.

Minimum Charges

The Meter Charge is a fixed charge and applies in addition to and regardless of the amount of usage. This charge recovers the costs of installing, maintaining, and replacing water meters and the associated automatic meter reading equipment. Usage charges are calculated in addition to the Meter Charge.
The Meter Charge is based on the size of the meter installation. The charge shown on this rate sheet is for a standard 5/8” or 3/4” residential water meter. Other Meter Charges, based on larger meter sizes, are as follows:

5/8” $6.87/month
3/4” $6.87/month
1” $12.30/month
1 ½” $22.78/month
2” $64.33/month
3” $93.23/month
4” $129.36/month
6” $260.15/month

Interest Charges: An interest charge of 1% per month (effective annual rate of 12.62%) is levied on water and sewer balances remaining unpaid after the due date.