Residential Electric Water Heater Program

The Residential Controlled Water Heater Program was designed for customers who have a separate electric meter for their electric water heater.  The electric hot water heater is directly controlled by the Norwood Light Department rather than by time clocks, as in the past.  This allows the NLD to shut off these electric water heaters during the Town’s peak demand periods.  In return, these customers are billed at a lower off-peak rate for allowing NLD to control their electric water heaters.  Previously, these water heaters were shut off by time clocks for a period of 4 to 6 hours daily.  Under the  new system these hot water heaters are shut off only as the Town approaches its peak (usually between 11am and 4pm) and are shut off for less time (2 to 3 hours normally and only on weekdays).  The customers have hot water available for longer hours and have less inconvenience.  At the same time, the Town has better control of its peak demand.  
The Residential Uncontrolled Electric Water Heater Program is for customers who have electric water heaters that are metered through their regular electric meter.  These customers are able to have a switch installed at their electric hot water tank, at no cost to them, which allows the Town to control their water heater for a few hours during the Town’s peak electric usage.  These switches are remotely controlled by the Light Department from their office on Central Street and are installed by NLD licensed electricians.  In return, these customers receive a credit of four dollars ($4.00) per month on their electric bill, or $48 per year.  If you would like to sign up for this program please call the Light Department billing office at (781) 948-1150.