How to Read Your Bill

  1. Account Number: Reference this number in any written or phone correspondence.Water_Bill_Live

  2. To Avoid Interest Charges Pay Before: Payment due date.

  3. Payment Stub: This slip should be returned with your payment in the envelope enclosed with your bill.

  4. Service Period: Dates included in this billing period.

  5. Service Days: Total number of days in this billing period.

  6. Average Cost Per Day: (Water charge + Sewer charge + Meter charge) / Service days.

  7. Water Use: Current reading minus previous reading.

  8. Sewer Use: Calculated as 60% of water use.

  9. Past Water Use: Actual usage billed for previous twelve months.  (This is not an average.) The greater the number of service days in the billing period the higher the usage will be.

  10. Previous Bill: Shows amount billed, payments received and any adjustments.  Interest charges for payments not received by the due date will be reflected as an adjustment here.

  11. Current Bill: Detailed breakdown of current charges.