How to Read Your Bill

  1. Final for site_2Account Number: Reference this number in any written or phone correspondence.

  2. Discount Date: Payment due date.

  3. Net Amount Due: Amount to be paid by the discount date.  Payments made after this date should be in the amount of the "Total Charges Due".

  4. Payment Stub: This slip should be returned with your payment in the envelope enclosed with your bill.

  5. Service Period: Dates included in this billing period.

  6. Service Days: Total number of days included in this billing period.

  7. Average Cost Per Day: (Energy charge + Fuel charge - Discount) / Service Days

  8. KWHR Used: Current reading minus previous reading.

  9. Past Electric Use: Average KWHRS per day for the previous twelve months. (KWHR used/service days).

  10. Previous Month's Activity: Shows amount billed, payments received and any adjustments.  Lost discounts for payments not received by the discount date will be reflected as an adjustment here.

  11. Current Bill: Detailed breakdown of current charges.