Electric Vehicle Program

Norwood Light Department (NLD) wants to make it convenient for you to charge your electric vehicle and help keep electric rates low by reducing peak energy costs. The Bring Your Own Charger® Program rewards your participation with up to 200* miles of free driving each month—or up to 2,100 miles per year—per charging head/vehicle.

To enroll, read this short guide, then visit http://bringyourowncharger.com/norwoodIf you have additional questions before you begin, view the FAQ at the bottom of this page. You can also contact us at 781-303-4994 or ev@sagewell.com

Program Rules

-Participants must program their electric vehicle or home smart charger to start charging after 10 PM and end charging by 12 noon, Monday through Friday. Charging is open 24 hours a day on weekends.

-Participants agree to release their electric meter or electric vehicle charger data, where available, for the purposes of the program.

-Participants will earn $8 per month in the form of a bill credit.

To complete this application you will need:

-Your NLD account number

-Your vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

-The serial number of your home charger (if you use a ChargePoint or eMotorWerks charger)

-A picture of your vehicle's / smart charger's charging schedule (or you can complete the form on your smart phone and take a photo as you complete the form)


-I use a level 1 charger, can I enroll in BYOC?

Yes! EV drivers in Norwood can join regardless of the charging level of their home charger.

-Why do you need my NLD account number?

We use the NLD account number to verify that you are a resident of Norwood, MA and are eligible to enroll in the BYOC program.

-How do I program my vehicle?

Every EV model is a little different but this can usually be done in the vehicle’s “Charger” settings on the dashboard or touchscreen. Please see these instructions on how to schedule charging for popular makes and models of electric vehicles. If you need additional help, feel free to contact Sagewell at ev@sagewell.com or by calling 781-303-4994.

-What if I need to charge on-peak in an emergency?

You may charge during the daytime (weekdays, 12 PM to 10 PM) up to 3 times each month, in case of emergency.

- Why do you need my vehicle's VIN? Isn't that private information?

VINs do not contain any personal information about the driver of the vehicle, only general information about the car itself. Every VIN is publicly available, and there are a number of online VIN look-up services. We only use your vehicle's VIN to verify that it is a plug-in vehicle and is eligible for the program.

-Where can I find my vehicle's VIN?

The easiest place to find your VIN is on your registration or title. It is also printed on all vehicles, often where the dashboard and front windscreen meet, or on the inside driver door panel.

-Why do you only want the serial number of ChargePoint and eMotorWerks chargers?

We have relationships with those manufacturers, and they will give us access to your charging data with your permission. We use the charging data to verify and strengthen the accuracy of the Bring Your Own Charger algorithms. Every brand of EV charger is compatible with Bring Your Own Charger!