Norwood Light Broadband offers cable TV, high-speed internet and telephone service to residents and businesses in town.  With low everyday pricing and great specials, we are proud to be your broadband provider.


All Norwood Light Broadband, (NLB) digital signals will be changing on Thursday May 24, 2018. This change will necessitate that ALL TVS RECEIVING NLB TV WITHOUT A CABLE BOX, will have to perform an auto search or auto programming search to regain these channels on all TVs without a Cable Box.

To auto-program your TV follow the procedures below or check your Owner's Manual:
- Access the TV set menu from your television's remote control.
- Go to the "Channel" or "Set-Up" menu.
- Select the "Auto Program" or "Channel Scan" feature.
- Choose the "Cable" setting (not antenna or air).
- If asked, select the "STD" or standard setting (not HRC).
- Start the scan.  (This may take anywhere from 10-30 minutes.)