Regulations & Applications

Camp Licensing Documents Summer  
See the Department of Public Health, Community Sanitation Website for updated forms and regulations

The Health Department enforce both local and State Regulations


Body Art Choke Saving
DNA Recombinant Garbage Disposers
Keeping of Animals Private Wells
Tobacco Sales Workplace Smoking

State Regulations
Housing Code Public/Semi-Public Swimming Pools
Recreational Camps for Children Retail Food Code
Tanning Salons  

All applications require Workers Comp Insurance Affidavit
For Food permit application see the Food Page
For a list of fees see: Fee Schedule
Body Art Practitioner Body Art Establishment
DNA Recombinant Keeping of Animals
Well Permit Septic Hauler
Tanning Facility Tobacco Sales Permit
Vapor Shower/Sauna Shower  

For a Pool Permit see the follow documents:
Application Pool Opening Checklist Pool Supervision CPO  Pool Requirements

Pre-Occupancy Inspection Application

Submetering information  Submetering form

Burial Permits 
This is NOT for certified copies. If you wish to obtain certified copies please contact the Town Clerk's Office.