Food Permit Appl & Info

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources statement on Hemp-derived products
Massachusetts DPH Food Protection Program FAQs on CBD in food

Changes with the adoption of updated Food Code

Summary of Major Changes
New Food Code
Sample Vomit & Diarrhea Clean-up Procedures (Including list of contents for required Clean-up Kit)
Sample Food Employee Reporting Agreement
Retail Food Protection: Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Handbook

Documents for review for New Establishments
Grease Interceptor Requirements
Choke-Save Requirements
Food Allergy Awareness Information

Temporary Food Service Events

For review: Food Safety for Temporary Events

Other Information

Sanitizing Tips
Food Product Dating Info
Selectmen's Regulations for Vendors, Hawkers and Peddlers
Police Ice Cream Truck Regulations
Food Manager Certification (Serve-Safe)