Oil Burner Permit click here.

Underground Storage Tank Permit click here.

Storage Tank Flammable Liquids Permit click here.

The Office of the State Fire Marshal has additional fire prevention information and permit forms available here.

Please make checks payable to: Town of Norwood 
   Residential Smoke Detector Inspection:         $50/unit 
   Fire Alarm Work Permit:   $50 
      (Existing Systems)                                        
   Sprinkler Work Permit:     $50 
      (Existing Systems) 
   Oil Burner:    $50 
   Above Ground Storage Tank Removal:  $75 
   Welding:                                                $100
   Environmental Reports (21E):               $100
   Fire Alarm Plan Review (Residential) 
   Single Family:                $30
   Multi-Family, per unit:    $50 
   Fire Alarm Plan Review (Commercial): 
   Up to 15,000 sq. /ft.:     $150 
   15,000-25,000 sq. /ft.:   $250 
   Over 25,000 sq. /ft.:      $500
   Sprinkler Plan Review: 
      Up to 15,000 sq. /ft.:       $150
      15,000-25,000 sq. /ft.:     $250
      Over 25,000 sq. /ft.:        $500