Don't forget to Change your Clocks, Change you Batteries this Sunday morning, November 4th!!!
                                         Change clocks.......

The Norwood Fire Department recommends replacing the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and testing the units with the end of Dayight Savings Time.


Very happy to witness the dedication of the McDonough Housing at Nahatan Village this morning. The true honor goes to the special woman in this picture, Phyliss McDonough. Mrs McDonough worked for the Housing Authority for years making sure many people had an affordable, safe place to call home. The Norwood Fire Department would not be the same without the many members of the McDonough family who served the people of Norwood as firefighters. I was lucky to have Mrs McDonough as a 3rd Grade teacher and I was fortunate to celebrate her and her family today. Congratulations Mrs McDonough!!!
Chief Morrice



Norwood Fire Department Open House

Saturday, October 20 from 10AM to 2PM, all are welcome!



Glow stick event Halloween 2 image
The Norwood Fire Department would like to congratulate Lieutenant Paul Butters on his recent retirement. Lt. Butters served the people of Norwood for over 40 years. Paul was known as a "hard-nosed" firefighter who excelled on the fire ground. Paul became Norwood Fire Departments first fire prevention officer when the position was newly created. Paul was the first to implement & enforce 527.1 CMR the Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code making the town a much safer place to live. Paul also served many years on different crews as a line Lieutenant. Always true to his convictions Paul put the safety of the people of Norwood first.

Paul, thank you for your service to the people of Norwood, best of luck and a job well done!



Norwood Fire, Group 2 was able to control and extinguish a stubborn fire at Steel Art, 189 Dean Street yesterday. Crews arrived to find a metal dust fire in an industrial steel sander used to smooth/texture raw steel for signs. Group 2 was able to initially put out the fire with a handline but flames flared up due to the nature of the metal dusts in the units vacuum system. Dry Chem extinguishers proved to be ineffective so crews smothered the fire with "Speedy Dry". After the fire crews were back in service in a short time. No one was injured in the fire and it is believed to be accidental. The fire is under investigation.



Early in the afternoon Norwood Fire received a call for a motorcycle accident on Rte 1 Northbound by Boch toyota. E4 and NA1 arrived to find a motorcyclist trapped underneath the rear of a small 4 door sedan. Off duty Brookline Firefighter Paul Trahon was driving by the accident and was able to assist arriving companies with an assesment of the accident scene. Lt. Jeff Campilio immediately called for Medflight as Paramedics assesed the trapped individual. The man, in his early 20's was concious but one of his legs was wrapped around the inside wheel well of the rear tire. E4 crew used air bags to lift the vehicle off of the motorcyclist and crews were able to remove the tire to access the patient. The man had significant trauma to his left leg along with other injuries, as assessed by Paramedics Mike Downing and Josh Gunschel. Advanced Life Saving measures were initiated. Lt. Campilio made the decision to have Medflight land directly on the highway instead of tramsporting the injured man to a landing zone. Norwood Fire E1 and NPD were able to secure a landing on Rte North for Medflight. Medflight transported the young man into a Boston trauma center. The motorcyclist is expected to survive.



On Monday, Norwood Fire-Group 4 had an extremley busy shift with multiple fires throughout the day. Earlier they battled a large brush fire out on Route 95 and then when returning E4 was called to a possible fire at 8 Plymouth Drive. Firefighters arrived to find acrid black smoke coming from the roof of a large garage structure on fire. The garage was under construction. Firefighters had to cut a large channel in the plywood sheathing to access the rigid foam insulation that was burning. The fire went to a "working fire" but crews were able gain control quickly. The fire is believed to be accidental but it is still under investigation.
                               8 Plymouth Roof


Norwood Fire-Group 3 out on Route 95 for the car fire. Great aerial pic courtesy of Norwood Fire's own Lt. George Bent!
               Aerial car fire


Norwood Fire-Group 2 had a special visit last week from old friend Charlie Privitera. Charlie has been a daily visitor to the fire station for many many years but recently has had some health issues. Friends at the Harrington House were able to bring Charlie by and Group 2 members were more than happy to spend some time and take a picture with Norwood Fire's good pal Charlie.



The Norwood Fire Department was called early this morning for a ruptured gas line at the Norwest Woods Apartment Complex. Norwood Fire crews arrived to find a high pressure, underground gas line had been torn by a backhoe operating in the area. Norwood Fire Crews and Norwood Police quickly went to work evacuating up to 100 residents in buildings adjacent to the leak. National Grid was immediately called by Norwood Fire Dispatch to alert them of the dangerous situation. Norwood Fire apparatus positioned themselves in multiple locations around the apartment complex in the event the gas leak and apartment complex structures ignited. National Grid was on scene in roughly 1/2 hour but had difficulty in locating the valve to shut down the gas line. Eventually National Grid had to dig a trench to access the line and crimp it to stop the leak. Reports of natural gas odor were reported as far away as Clapboardtree Street in Westwood. No one was injured in the emergency.


The Norwood Fire Department received a phone call for a reported structure fire at 39 Concord Avenue early yesterday evening. Captain George Morrice arrived on scene to find heavy smoke pushing out of the first floor windows of the multi story home. Norwood Police were able to confirm that the residents of the home's apartments had evacuated prior to fire apparatus arrival. Engine 4 crew made entry through the rear door with a handline and Lt. George Bent used a thermal imaging camera to locate the precise location of the fire. L1 crew ventilated the first floor windows and then performed a primary search of the 2nd floor. The room and contents fire was knocked down in minutes and E4 performed a primary search of the first floor. Primary searches proved that all residents had evacuated. Crews were able to clear the home of smoke and minimal overhaul was conducted. Evacuated residents were attended to by NA2 Crew. No one was injured in the fire and Captain Morrice estimates the damage to be around $40,000.

              V__A525     V__84EA


The Norwood Fire Department was called to 816 Norwest Drive for a possible kitchen fire Monday. Group 3 arrived to find seemingly normal conditions but when Captain Mark Boyland opened an apartment door heavy, black smoke poured out of the doorway. With zero visibilty firefighters made entry with a handline and used a thermal imaging camera to locate the fire. Once the kitchen area was accessed firefighters were able to get a visual and attacked and extinguished the fire. All residents were reported to have evacuated the appartment before the NFD's arrival and this proved to be true. No one was hurt in the "working fire" and Captain Boyland estimates damage to be in the range of $75,000. The two townhouse occupants have been displaced and the fire is being investigated but is believed to be accidental.

                                     816 Norwest Drive


The Norwood Fire Department was called to Surrey Road for a possible house fire early Wednesday evening. Group 1 arrived to find a bush, a PVC shed and the left rear corner of the home partially on fire. All residents were out of the home upon arrival. Crews went to work and had the fire extinguished in a couple of minutes. The attic and upstairs bedroom were checked for fire extension but proved to be negative. The fire was deemed accidental.
                  Surrey 1          Surrey 2


The Norwood Fire Department would like to welcome it's newest member Nick Ellard. 
FF Ellard grew up on Plantation Circle and is a 2005 graduate of Norwood High School. Nick comes to Norwood Fire with over 10 years of emergency medical service experience. Nick became an EMT in 2008 and continued his EMS career by becoming a paramedic in 2016. Nick is the son of Tom & Kathy Ellard of Norwood.

We wish Nick a long and safe career serving the people of Norwood

                                 Nick Ellard


Norwood Fire Department Group 3 made quick work of a conveyor belt fire at Certainteed on Pleasant Street Saturday. The fire brigade at Certainteed was not able to extinguish the fire so Norwood Fire crews were called. The call came in at 11:48 and firefighters were quickly on scene.  It took 3 dry chemical extinguishers to control the fire then crews switched to Class B foam with a handline to fully extinguish the fire. Crews cleared the scene in roughly 1 hour.


Kidde recalls dual sensor smoke alarm due to potential safety risk

Recall summary
Brand Name, Model of affected product: Kidde Dual Sensor(Photoelectric and Ionization) Smoke Alarms - Models PI2010 and PI9010

Hazard: A yellow protective cap in limited instances may have been left on one ofthe two smoke sensors in affected products during the manufacturing process, which could compromise the smoke alarms' ability to detect smoke.

Remedy: Replace affected smoke alarms that contain the yellow protective cap.

For more information, click the link below:


The Norwood Fire Department would like to wish FF/EMT Joe Mawn "Best of Luck" on his 9 month Army Reserve deployment. In honor of Joe, Norwood Fire has raised a Service Flag, which will fly in front of the department until FF Mawn's return. Joe, stay safe and thank you for your service to the people of Norwood and the United States of America!

  Joe Mawn     Joe Mawn 2     V__B1E0


The Norwood Fire Department would like to welcome it's two newest members, Alex Rose and Matthew DaFonte. Both men come to Norwood Fire with fire and EMS experience.

FF Rose grew up in Brookline and attended Brookline High School graduating in 2003. Alex worked for Action Ambulance for 8 years and Lexington Fire for the past 2 years. Alex is a registered paramedic. FF Rose is married and has one son.

FF DaFonte is a Norwood son who graduated from Norwood High in 2007. Matt worked as a Correction Officer for 1 year and attended Fitchburg State College earning a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Matt worked for Walpole Fire for 1 year before being hired in Norwood. FF DaFonte is also a registered paramedic. Matt is the son of Theresa & Fernando DaFonte of Norwood.

We wish Alex & Matt long and safe careers serving the people of Norwood!

                             Rose & DaFonte
                           FF/Medic Alex Rose & FF/Medic Matt DaFonte


Norwood Firefighters had a busy 24 hour shift yesterday due to the high winds and heavy rains brought in by an early March Nor'easter. Multiple times throughout the shift the "building was emptied" and every piece of in service apparatus was out responding to calls. The NFD received many calls for wires down, telephone poles down, trees & limbs onto houses, flooding and smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector activations. Both ambulances would no sooner be back in the station when they were immediately called out on more medicals and motor vehicle accidents. At roughly midnight the NFD received a call for a reported house fire on Albemarle Road. Crews arrived to find smoke and heavy fire coming from the rear of the home. Fortunately the residents of the home were able to get out prior to the NFD's arrival. Crews had the fire "knocked down" in approximately 20 minutes. Westwood Fire assisted on scene while Walpole Fire provided station coverage. The fire is under investigation.


Norwood Fire Department Group 1 made quick work of a laundry fire at Olde Derby Village last Tuesday. The call came in by a resident that went to do his laundry and saw fire coming out of the outside dryer vent area. E4, who was on Mylod Street returning from an MVA, was first on scene. Firefighters quickly located the fire in the wall and extinguished it. The fire is presumed to be non-malicious and is under investigation.     

Lt. George Bent & FF Salty McKing survey the damage.


The Norwood Fire Department would like to congratulate FF Michael Motta on his recent retirement. FF Motta served the people of Norwood for 32 years. Michael Motta was known for his quiet disposition and easy going manner. After 9/11 the U.S. Government provided many communities with a Mass Decontamination Unit/Trailer including Norwood. FF Motta spearheaded the effort to become trained in the procedures and use of the decontamination trailer and it's equipment. FF Motta helped design the training program for the "DECON" Trailer which is currently in use today. Mike was a Norwood Fire Local 1631 Color Guard regular and he is a bagpiper for the Greater Boston Firefighter's Pipe and Drums.

Michael, thank you for your service to the people of Norwood, best of luck and a job well done!

                                        M. Motta

The Norwood Fire Department would like to congratulate FF Dara O'Malley on his recent retirement. FF O' Malley served the people of Norwood for 32 years. Dara was known for his dedication to the tried and true methods of firefighting, know your truck and know the how to use the equipment in it like the back of your hand! FF O' Malley's passion for being "squared away" no doubt came from his years of service in the USCG. FF O'Malley created & developed Norwood Fire Department's Ice-Water Rescue Program which included modernizing the equipment used for ice-water rescue. FF O'Malley's son Joe continues the Norwood Fire Service tradition.

Dara, thank you for your service to the people of Norwood, best of luck and a job well done!


Congratulations to Firefighter Chuck King on his Monday Graduation from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. FF King was joined by his parents Charlie & Judy and his sisters Elizabeth & Katherine. Chuck will now split his time working on the fire apparatus and the BLS ambulance.

The 2018 Burning Season has begun. To receive your FREE Burning Permit come down to the fire station between 9AM-3PM any day of the week and show your drivers license. A permit will be issued with instructions for safe burning.

Winter Storm Safety Tips:

The Norwood Fire Department would like to welcome FF/Medic Tim Bailey to it's ranks. FF Bailey is 25 and comes to Norwood via the Foxborough Fire Department. Tim is a licensed paramedic and has his Associate Degree in Fire Science. Tim's father is one of the best firefighters in the area and has been the longtime Chief of the Walpole Fire Department.

We wish Tim a long and safe career serving the people of Norwood!

The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, Fire Marshall Peter Ostroskey and Governor Charlie Baker recently recognized Norwood Firefighters at the 2017 Firefighter of the Year Awards.


Lt. Jeff Campilio & FF George Burton received Medals of Valor for their rescue and resuscitation of 2 residents during an apartment fire in Norwest Woods last Winter.       



Norwood Lieutenant Dave Hayes(3rd from left) and Firefighters Nick Murphy(left), Brian Donoghue(4th from right), Chris Fuller(3rd from right) and Patrick Moloney(2nd from right) received a Group Meritorious Citation for their work assisting Westwood Fire at an aircraft accident.

Rollover closes part of Pendergast Circle. A 2 vehicle MVA caused a traffic nightmare early Monday morning and sent two drivers to Norwood Hospital.


Daylight Savings ends this Sunday, November 5 so make sure to CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS, CHANGE YOUR BATTERIES(In all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors). 



KIDDE recalls fire extinguishers with plastic handles due to failure to discharge & nozzle detachment. To find out if your home fire extinguisher is affected click on link:

9/1/17                                        Dick Breen Retires!
The Norwood Fire Department would like to congratulate FF Richard Breen on his retirement. FF Breen served the people of Norwood for 34 years. FF Breen was known as an excellent apparatus driver and pump operator who could also be a bull in a fire. Reserved but always quick to laugh, Dickie was a stalwart on Group 2 for many years. A regular in the fire department gym, FF Breen was an example to young firefighters of how to keep strong and remain in shape for the duration of a career.

Dickie, thank you for your service to the people of Norwood, best of luck and a job well done!

                                                 d breen (2)



            9/1/17                                         Tom Starr Retires!
The Norwood Fire Department would like to congratulate FF Tom Starr on his retirement. FF Starr served the people of Norwood for 39 years as a firefighter and EMT. As an EMT, Tommy was known for his compassion with patients and for advancing attitude and acceptance of fire based EMS. Tommy served as the primary Ladder driver and operator on Group 3 for the latter part of his career. With a friendly, easy going demeanor, laughs were always to be had hanging out with Tommy. If needed, FF Starr was always around to help out a brother firefighter.

Tommy, thank you for your service to the people of Norwood, best of luck and a job well done!

                                                  t starr (2) 


8/9/17                                           New Firefighter
The Norwood Fire Department would like to welcome it's newest member, Firefighter Charles King. "Chuck" is a 2009 Graduate of Norwood High School and served Honorably in the United States Marine Corps for 4 1/2 years. FF King has an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Mass Bay Community College. Chuck is the son of Retired Norwood Police Officer Charles King and his wife Town Hall Employee Judith King. The Norwood Fire Department wishes FF King a long and safe career in the fire service.
                                                 Chuck King



                                                                                  Phil Morrison Retires!
The Norwood Fire Department would like to congratulate FF Phil Morrison on his retirement. FF Morrison has served the people of Norwood for 34 years as a firefighter and EMT. Phil, was the front engine driver and pump operator for many years. Firefighters who rode with Phil always knew they would get to the incident scene quickly and safely, and you would always have water to your hoseline. Known for his sense of humor, it was considered an honor if you found one of Phil's funny caricature drawings on your check envelope. Phil's artwork can once again be enjoyed by all as Santa and his reindeer have once again landed on top of the fire station during Christmas time.

Phil, thank you for your service to the people of Norwood, best of luck and a job well done!FOT8A5D