For Pilots & Aircraft Owners


Norwood Airport management has been very pro-active in its efforts to protect the continued operation of OWD's air traffic control tower. Government relations work includes liaison support alongside MassDOT, plus our state and federal legislators. 

For general information regarding procedures when our air traffic control tower is not operating, please click: Operations at Non-Towered Airports

Beginning August 1, 2018, the Norwood Airport will begin to asses a landing fee for certain transient aircraft, with fees administered through the airport's fixed-base operator, Flight Level Norwood, LLC. For more information, please click: Norwood Airport Landing Fee Program

To address community relations, we continue to pursue a comprehensive noise education/abatement program—consisting of airfield signage and a flight publication insert for both our based and transient pilots. This remains a high priority program. For information on the Norwood Airport's noise abatement procedures, please click:  Noise Abatement

For additional Norwood Airport information and diagrams, please click: